FAQs About Arnika Forte Kits

Arnika Forte Kits pic
Arnika Forte Kits
Image: antibruise.com

Arnika Forte is a worthwhile choice for those who want to speed recovery after certain surgical procedures. People such as Angelina Jolie have chosen Arnika Forte kits to help reduce swelling and promote healing before and after major surgery. Here are answers to common questions about the kit.

What does the kit contain? It contains a 14-capsule bottle of the supplement to take orally and a roller-ball applicator that is just the right size to treat small, pinpoint bruising. It comes in a simple, reusable plastic case and includes an informational brochure.

Why use both topical and oral forms of the supplement? Arnica Montana, a key ingredient in the formula, has a long history of topical use to treat pain, swelling, soreness, and many other symptoms that are common after aesthetic surgeries. This ingredient is often also taken internally as a homeopathic remedy for these symptoms. Bromelain, another primary ingredient, has shown benefits when applied topically to wounds and burns. Taken orally, it has the potential to reduce pain and accelerate healing.

How long does the kit last? Each kit includes a seven day supply of product.

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