Angeline Jolie’s Surgeon Reveals Best Supplements for Post-Operation

Arnika Forte
Arnika Forte

Angelina Jolie is among the many women who have used Arnika Forte during the healing process after undergoing breast reconstructive surgery. Jolie’s was a unique surgery, in which she opted for a double mastectomy after discovering she had an 87 percent chance of developing breast cancer due to the presence of the BRCA1 gene. After her mastectomies, Jolie underwent breast reconstructive surgery. Jolie’s surgeon revealed that after three months of procedures, including both mastectomies and reconstructive surgery, Anika Forte was a key ingredient for the actress’ recovery.

Jolie’s list of post-op supplements included remedies to prevent risk of infection, nausea, and scarring, as well as medicines to eliminate anesthesia and increase the skin’s oxygen intake. The sole supplement to reduce Jolie’s postoperative bruising and swelling was Arnika Forte, taken twice daily beginning one day before surgery. By opting to use Arnika Forte, Jolie was able to recover quickly, regaining her bright personality and image of health.

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