Arnika Forte – Available as a Topical and as Capsules

Arnika Forte pic
Arnika Forte

A quality post procedure product of DermAvance, Arnika Forte is a proprietary unique blend of arnica Montana and bromelain. Available as a capsule or topical, Arnika Forte is used in treating swelling and bruising that can occur on the skin following surgical procedures,Botox,dermal fillers,and the new FDA approved Kybella fat dissolver.

The Arnika Forte Post-Procedure Kit pairs the roll on applicator with 14 capsules, which contain a distinct combination of arnica Montana/bromelian, bioflavonoids, and Vitamin C. Vegetable based,the capsules are completely lactose free and designed to be taken twice daily for a week.

The topical formulation employs a roll-on applicator that massages the area that has been injected with fillers, Botox or the new fat dissolver Kybella. When applied, it reduces swelling and bruising and engages with the blood vessels’ muscle fibers in easing soreness. Unique ingredients for this external formulation include bellis perennis (daisy flower), aloe vera, and arnica Montana/bromelain.

Arnika Forte Kit is highly recommended by Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, and Podiatrists as a post procedure kit to aid in the recovery from swelling and bruising.

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