FDA Investigator Talks about Kybella



To address the bruising that can occur after injections used in cosmetic procedures, patients may wish to try Arnika Forte, a capsule that reduces postsurgical bruising and swelling. Made by DermAvance, the physician-formulated product is the first and only one of its kind. By reducing swelling, Arnika Forte can help patients look and feel like themselves more quickly after a number of different procedures, including injections of Kybella, which helps reduce chin fat.

The quick, nonsurgical procedure melts fat by using deoxycholic acid, which breaks down dietary fat. Harper’s Bazaar spoke with Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, a dermatologist who served as an investigator on the FDA trial for Kybella, about the new drug. She reported that Kybella can be helpful for a wide range of patients, from those with a small amount of chin fat to people who are obese. Because the injection does not affect nerves or muscles, long-term side effects are minimal, but bruising may occur after the injection.

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