What Is Arnika Forte?

Arnika Forte pic
Arnika Forte
Image: dermavance.com

To support the work of dermatologists and plastic surgeons, DermAvance Pharmaceuticals, Inc. developed Arnika Forte, a product that has been used by celebrities such as Angelina Jolie to aid in recovery from breast reconstruction surgery. Arnika Forte expedites recovery time of patients who have undergone surgery for soft tissue injuries.

Arnika Forte combines the benefits of bromelain, derived from pineapple, and Arnica montana, a plant related to the sunflower. Bromelain (Bromelia ananas), extracted from stem pineapple, helps reduce inflammation, swelling, and soreness, and aids in the removal of pooled blood beneath the skin or bruising. . Arnica montana reduces pain related to bruising and can help alleviate swelling. The two substances work in conjunction with grape seed extract to help patients heal up to 50 percent faster.

When administered as a topical treatment, Arnika Forte should be used twice daily by applying it in a circular motion to the center of the bruise and working outward. Arnika Forte is also available in a capsule form. For dermal filler or aesthetic procedure injections, Arnika Forte can be taken the day of the procedure. The formula allows for the use of other medications at the same time.

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