What KYBELLA Treats and Side Effects to Anticipate


Developed by DermAvance, Arnika Forte expedites the healing process by reducing swelling and bruising following a medical procedure. Arnika Forte is an ideal choice for people recovering from KYBELLA.

Containing deoxycholic acid, KYBELLA eliminates fat cells. The prescription medicine is used to minimize the appearance of fat below the chin, which many refer to as a “double chin.” The location where a patient receives KYBELLA injections shows noticeable differences following two to four treatment sessions. Each visit involves multiple injections to achieve desired results. After treatment, the patient no longer has to worry about fat storing or accumulating in the region.

A person undergoing treatment should anticipate side effects. More serious scenarios involve nerve injury and difficulty swallowing, and some patients have reported facial muscle weakness. However, more common side effects consist of bruising and swelling as well as redness and pain. Treatment areas can also feel hard for a period of time.

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