DermAvance Arnika Forte FAQ

Arnika Forte pic
Arnika Forte

The DermAvance product, Arnika Forte, is formulated to reduce bruising and swelling from surgical procedures. The ingredients are all natural and no side effects have been reported from those using the product. Find more information about Arnika Forte usage and ingredients below.

Q: What is included in the Arnika Forte kit?

A: The kit contains 14 vegetable capsules and one topical roll-on applicator.

Q: Are the ingredients all-natural?

A: Yes. The capsules contain 100mg bromelain, 100mg arnica montana 30x, bioflavonoids, and 240mg vitamin C. The topical roll-on applicator contains a combination of arnica montana, bromelain, aloe vera, and bellis perennis.

Q: How should Arnika Forte be used?

A: One capsule should be taken twice daily starting two days prior to a surgical procedure and one day prior to BOTOX injections or injectable fillers. Continue the dosage for seven days. Start applying the topical roll-on when bruising or swelling appears on the affected area.

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