Arnika Forte’s New Pur-Sil® 100 Percent Silicone Scar Product

Arnika Forte


Arnika Forte is an proprietary advanced formulation by DermAvance that decreases the swelling and bruising that often accompany dermal filler injections and surgical treatments. DermAvance recently announced the creation of Pur-Sil®, a scar product made of 100 percent medical grade silicone. Complementary to the core Arnika Forte product, Pur-Sil® combines demonstrated soft silky feel and dries instantly.

Pur-Sil is manufactured with 100% medical grade silicone and is considered the “Gold Standard” for treating all types of scars post surgical. Using Silicone based products that are 100% silicone, either gel or sheets, provides a full skin barrier protection and will minimize any scar formation. According to Dr Michael Gold, a expert Dermatologist and the founder of Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville Tennessee, “for high risk wounds, silicone-based products are the preferred preventative measure for treatment”.

Pur-Sil combined with Arnika Forte provides two key products for Plastic Surgeons to include in the patients post surgical kits.

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