Arnika Forte for Treatment of Sclerotherapy Bruising


Arnika Forte pic
Arnika Forte

A product of DermAvance Pharmaceuticals, Arnika Forte comes in capsule and topical formulation and is used to treat bruising, pain, and swelling as a result of aesthetic procedures. Among its applications, Arnika Forte is used to treat bruising from sclerotherapy for spider veins.

Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure wherein a solution (usually a salt solution) is injected into the vein. The injected solution precipitates the vein to scar. This causes the blood to change course and flow through other healthier veins. The scarred vein collapses and over time, fades away.

The treated veins usually fade after a few weeks. In some cases though, it may be as long as one month or more. Sclerotherapy is the preferred treatment for spider veins. These veins are similar to varicose veins that twist and turn but are smaller and are colored red, blue, and purple. They are usually visible on the face and legs. Among the side effects of sclerotherapy for spider veins is bruising.

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