About Arnika Forte

Arnika ForteA privately held pharmaceutical company that has been doing business since 2006, DermAvance develops and sells a variety of skin care products, including the moisturizing line Hyalogy and the physician-formulated dietary supplement Arnika Forte, one of the company’s signature formulations. DermAvance primarily markets its products to aesthetic physicians for use in conjunction with various procedures and treatments. The dietary supplement Arnika Forte helps manage pain and reduce swelling and bruising in the wake of medical procedures ranging from cosmetic surgery to Filler/Botox injections.

The active ingredients in Arnika Forte are arnica montana, bromelain, antioxidants, and bioflavonoids. Studies have shown that this mixture speeds the healing process by up to 50 percent.

DermAvance recently released a topical form of this product, which can be applied to the skin as a roll-on. Patients can use the roll-on up to twice a day by starting at the center of a bruise and working outward in a circular motion.

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